Licensed to Live

What do you do when your life takes an unexpected turn for the worse? Where can you turn when everything you have worked for comes crashing down and your title no longer serves as your identity?

In Licensed to Live, Doctor Jarret offers sound advice to aid those who, like him, have been under attack from medical boards, certification agencies, hospital systems, legal systems, or the public at large. From insightful coaching on how to handle the initial assault upon your character to proven tools for effectively resetting your life, Doctor Jarret will help you turn your tragedy into triumph, no matter your occupation.

If you are going through a battle—legal or otherwise—Doctor Jarret will challenge and inspire you to persevere through each stage of transition. Filled with thought-provoking questions and sage advice, Licensed to Live provides you with a step-by-step roadmap for making your greatest comeback.

Whose Bad @$$ Kids are Those?

They don’t teach parenting in school. If they did, it would probably be conceptual without practical guidance. Doctor Jarret takes Whose Bad @$$ Kids are Those? where others have not gone. He gives sound practical advice that will improve your parenting at any stage of the game. This book is for you if any of these three things apply: 1. you want better control over your kids 2. your kids don’t always listen to you 3. you don’t want some stranger at the mall commenting on your kid’s bad behavior.

Let’s face it, each child is unique and poses different challenges. This book will serve as a parent’s guide to child behavior at any age from infancy on through adulthood. You will learn strategies that help you become a master of your child’s behavior. Parenting is a lifetime commitment; you might as well make the most of it.

Whose Bad @$$ Kids are These? will transform your parenting style to achieve new heights. This is the book that children don’t want their parents to read. It addresses pitfalls; parenting traps and common tricks kids use to manipulate their parents. When you finish this book, you will have a reference for the remainder of your active parenting years. So what are you waiting for?

The Making of a Medical Mogul

Volume 2

You are a doctor. For years, you have put in the work to earn multiple degrees, the respect and praise of others, and the privilege to make extraordinary differences in people’s health and wellness. Life couldn’t be any better, right? But wait—are you stressed out, overwhelmed, and exhausted? Is your time made up of sleepless nights, unanswered questions, and a nagging pull to do something more?

Welcome to The Making of a Medical Mogul Volume 2, a collection of personal accounts and expert advice from America’s highly esteemed OB/Gyn and award-winning business coach Dr. Drai, and 31 Medical Moguls who found themselves right where you are now. Through the strategies presented in this book, you will learn how you can use your expertise as a doctor to push beyond the boundaries of the hospital walls, master your significance, and find the freedom to live a stress-free, profitable life with the ones you love.

Regain Your Medical License Resource Toolkit.

Doctor’s lose their licenses all the time. Today society rules by taking your license first and figure it out later. So doctors get penalized regardless of the true circumstances surrounding the suspension or temporary suspension. This resource package includes the following items to keep your license where it should be, with you:

  • Legal Team Rolodex
  • Active License Checklist
  • Legal Team interview Template
  • Bonus items that will give you the knowledge to put up the fight
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